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Zac efron and vanessa hudgens start dating

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Producers paired up the two to read for the parts of Troy and Gabriella at their audition; because of their unbelievable chemistry, they remained as a pair for the entire audition process.After the fact, Efron revealed that he was a bit surprised that he never got paired with anyone else.

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Having an i Phone helped, but it just wasn't the same." Efron's first big gig following the end of .In March 2015, she opened up to about what it was like to date the former teen heartthrob and share a bit of insight as to why they split.Apparently, the actress got to a point in their relationship when she was completely over dealing with Efron's, uh, dedicated fans and didn't like the person that she was becoming as a result.However, as it turns out, the two didn't exactly become romantic naturally.In fact, they may have had a bit of a push from Disney. Efron also dated the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumor Willis. They split a couple of months later due to busy schedules but reunited in October 2013.

But, how many girls have this young mandated since the start of his career and how many broken hearts lie in his wake? The couple dated for five years between 20 and were considered a young power couple in Hollywood. Zac and Lily sparked dating rumours when they were spotted having dinner together in 2012 and since then, were even seen holding hand at private and public events.

Dating one of the hottest celebrities in the world is all fun and games until you realize one little problem: there are millions of other girls who want your man too.

That was a lesson that Hudgens found out the hard way.

"For all of the partner things, me and Vanessa always got paired up," he said at a Disney Channel event in 2007.

"I was like, 'They're not trying us with other people.'" While it might really have just been fate that the two young, lovebirds ended up together, it also seems like Disney producers might have been playing Cupid.

At the time of writing, Hudgens is 28 years old so current long-time boyfriend Austin Butler better get ready to pop the question pretty soon.