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Yongseo dating rumor true or not

yongseo dating rumor true or not-1

-Photos are released.-Yonghwa makes fans hearts flutter during an interview that he admits the dating thing.-Yong Seo Couple page on Facebook became a hundred thousand goguma likessss! But I know that most of you REALLY want this to come true.

they went on their last trip as a still dating couple, on a train ride (it was so cute :)), got their joint bank accounts…and even planned out all the furniture and stuff for their new home…(people who watched the episode…artificial turf, remember? If you’re a fan of hearts and flowers, star-struck lovers and tragedy, you’ll definitely want to watch the best Korean romance movies.With strong storylines, heartbreaking scenes, young lovers and a hint of comedy to balance it all, you’re bound to enjoy Korean romances! :)- But Yong Seo wants their dating life as a secret.netizens even respected it. ..-Seohyun also admits and SNSD unnies keep teasing her! The three are now confirmed to join as well as a rookie actress named Gong Seung Yeon.

Multiple representatives have revealed to Star News on March 2 that , "The two new couples for MBC's 'We Got Married: Season 4' will engage in filming today." Participants Henry, Jonghyun, Yewon and Gong Seung Yeon has not yet be revealed how they will be partnered up.

The sweetpotato couple might be called “boring” at first, but then you really learn to love their ways of talking and idk, interacting because it’s very cute and sweet, they just talk about anything plus, they are starting to tease each other (i.e getting closer and more comfortable to each other).

they are really innocent (in love and in real life), and i don’t see a reason to end this couple.

For 2PM’s member Nichkhun’s birthday, f(x)’s Victoria prepared a present for Nichkhun’s parents.

Nichkhun and Victoria are currently active as a virtual couple on MBC’s WGM2.

I hope this is 100% false…:( yes, they might not be as interactive as the adams couple, with the skinship and all, but hey, that’s whats good about WGM, each couple has their own style.