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On top of that, they had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned something only the locals here knew about. Even the ones that did reply, weren’t actually locals.Sad.”This is a no-brainer, no matter what dating or hookup site you join.

It’s important to note that couples can join together if they’re looking for a foray into the swinger lifestyle, making for an interesting differentiator for XMatch.onsidering porn is becoming more and more socially acceptable, as countless sex therapist and experts recommend it for couples and singles exploring their sexuality, it makes sense why dating sites that mimic porn would be popping up.While XMatch isn’t new—it’s been around since 1996—this Australian company is one of the few that’s primarily video based.No matter what you want to do on XMatch, it’s going to cost you.And sadly, it’s not always easy to understand exactly what you’re paying and how long you’ll be forking over the cash.Too much in my opinion.”“We spent a lot of time on x, and sent out 480 emails during the time we spent there. Given how many reviews and x Match comparisons we’d read before trying it out, that was a pretty big disappointment.”“I used the site for an entire month.

I set up a kickass dating profile, sent out countless messages to almost every one of the women close by. Neither of which was actually interested in meeting up with anyone (really don’t see why they even bother signing up if this is the case).

It may have good features and looks really nice but I don’t think I ever messaged someone that was real.

Everyone was just asking for money and I had already paid XMatch for a subscription.

This allows users anywhere to broadcast themselves in all sorts of sexual situations by themselves or with their partners, inviting voyeurism at its finest.

Though we believe enjoying sex in all mediums is an important part of health and happiness, it’s worth mentioning that XMatch doesn’t always receive the raves reviews from users who want to connect with someone in person for a fling, so try to think of this site as a place to watch and masturbate, rather than date, per se.

Then, you’ll be prompted to include an email and password, before you finish up adding in your body type, orientation, race, marital status, and as with all Friend Finder-esque websites, your headline.