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“There is a vibrant witch community in Croydon with the local gatherings operating for over ten years.I always say that my dad, a sixty something years old guy, is trying to be hip with all his wannabe knowledge in the technologies and internet world.

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“There was a lot of pressure to do something which has made the organisation grown rapidly into what it is today.” Despite of the stereotypes of witches in the media, modern practising witches are in fact quite different from how they are being portrayed.“These kinds of modern witches are whom you could expect to find in Croydon.Influenced by the Witchfests over the years, Croydon has become a popular residence for witches and Wiccan believers.Every time that I read about a new one I dowload it and create an account, most of the times I give up at the end of a few weeks. I think I’ve a problem, I’m a bit addicted to this kind of websites/apps, and I’m making fun of Myself, but the reality is that there are people who are really addicted, recently there were a couple of studies, that considered that this is becoming a real addiction and something that will probably become a big problem in the future. Because even though I sign up for everything but at the end of the day I go out with my friends to drink beer and talk about nothing, there are a bunch of people who are starting to live trough their phones.

Worst of all I already saw a group of people seated next to each other and talking trough some group text message. And that’s coming from someone, who prefers to write…

There are also entertainment including bands, singers, and DJs.

The upcoming Witchfest is going to be held on 14 November in Croydon.

Witchcraft was recreated in mid 1950s and from then on has been recognised as modern witchcraft, which is slightly different form ancient witchcraft.

“The difference in the daily life of a witch compared with other people would be how they tend to be more in tune with nature, which affects their attitude.

So join us and together start on a path to finding love, friendship and happiness.