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Payroll Manager has each of these templates built-in, to allow you to produce the relevant letter for each employee.

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IMPORTANT: You must already have used NEST Web Services (and not any other method) to submit a successful contributions upload to NEST in order to use this service.If you have not yet set up your scheme with NEST then please refer to our guide Setting the ‘Payment frequency’ and ‘Earnings period’ on the NEST website first, which has been designed to help with part of the NEST setup procedure.This guide is specifically designed to show how Payroll Manager can help with the Auto-enrolment process and is split into 6 sections.The following details need to be set for each employee that is joining the NEST pension scheme.Do NOT complete these details for employees that are not joining the scheme.It is very important that you go through the setup procedure correctly in order to avoid problems later.

The remaining boxes on this screen have been added in order to match the output generated by Payroll Manager with that expected by NEST when uploading contribution information.

The ‘Assessment’ procedure determines which of your workers must be automatically enrolled into the pension scheme and is dependent on the age and earnings of each worker at the point of being assessed.

You should run the first assessment on your Duties Start Date, and then again on every subsequent pay period, to determine which employees need to be added to the scheme .

(2) - This section was organized into additional paragraphs for clarity.

(3) IRM - Added reference to Form 14157-A. Criminal Investigation (CI), Large Business & International (LB&I), Small Business/Self-Employed (SB/SE), Tax Exempt/Government Entities (TE/GE), and Wage & Investment (W&I) () Mark E.

The ultimate decision with respect to all case action rests with the compliance employee's group manager.