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Www i christiandating com

It thus has very limited use for you as a free Christian dating site, since you will have to pay to read return messages.

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The site ranks eleventh out of all dating sites and is ranked fifth amongst all Christian dating sites in terms of traffic. Members are allowed many, many features, including: The site is strictly controlled to uphold Christian values and rules of conduct.Fusion101 claims their membership base of close to 300,00 that were carefully vetted.The search facility is basic and consists mostly of pages of profiles to search, while the process has an old-fashioned feel.The site is not for casual dating, because most users are looking for serious relationships and life partners.Christian Dating for Free, founded in 2006, is said to be the largest free Christian dating site that is actually free.This basic membership includes a great many features, some of which are: The site has more female members than male members, and the median age group is between 24-35.

The site is small compared to the mainstream free dating sites, with a US membership of approximately 4000 members. Behavior and conduct are very closely monitored and expected to conform to the rules for a site that was specifically designed for Christians.

The site was founded as a safe space where Christian singles can feel at home and meet like-minded Christians, which means amongst other things, that certain strict codes of conduct are enforced.

All Christians traditions are welcomed at Christian Connection.

If you object to the advertisements, you are welcome to upgrade to paid advertising-free functionality.

Religion is a very prominent aspect of life on the site, and is featured in your profile and in chat forums and message boards.

Ages range from the early twenties, to fifty plus as well as all seniors are welcome.