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Wr2 liquidating corp michigan

AN ACT to provide for the organization and regulation of corporations; to prescribe their duties, rights, powers, immunities and liabilities; to provide for the authorization of foreign corporations within this state; to prescribe the functions of the administrator of this act; to prescribe penalties for violations of this act; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts.

Department of Labor, about 17 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years of operation.BTM is always looking for opportunities to help its customers innovate their way to cost reductions through lean manufacturing.BTM continues to expand its expertise in the designing and building of machines for piercing welded assemblies, complex stampings and cast parts.BTM has also developed a proven line of automation components for clamping, gripping, and locating.These products are used primarily in the demanding automotive welding environment and robotic end of arm tooling.The process is very low maintenance, and generates no heat to distort parts.

Tog-L-Loc creates a strong mechanical joint by lancing the 2 long sides of the joint and gradually drawing the ends.

The process is environmentally friendly; there are no noxious fumes or sparks created- even when joining galvanized metal.

There are no transformers, cooling lines, or expensive controls to buy.

Office hours are from am - pm Eastern Time (Same as New York) Monday – Friday. The company’s name originates from its early years when it created highly specialized stretch bending machines used in the production of structural components and decorative sheet metal trim parts in the automotive & appliance industries.

Stretch bending machines use a unique mechanism to bring the sheet metal material to its elastic limit as it is being bent, thus eliminating spring back, and resulting in an accurately formed part.

BTM’s world headquarters is located in Marysville Michigan, USA, and currently comprises four buildings totaling 144,000 square feet.