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Windows vista news gadget not updating

Luckily, though, there's a handy new menu for adjusting the size of your screen's contents, which you can use to make everything bigger or smaller to match your preferences.

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But as much as advanced users have relied on this useful utility, it hasn't seen a significant update since the Windows 95 days.Occasionally, though, this "Open with..." screen doesn't show up, and instead Windows will use a pre-installed system app to launch the file without ever giving you a choice in the matter.Google Play Music has been my go-to music service ever since its release.Step 1: Install Aqua Dock Windows 10 has so many new features that we couldn't even cover them all with one article.From keyboard shortcuts to revamped search functions and all-new window gestures, Microsoft definitely piled on the fresh functionality in the latest version of their operating system.And the Surface Book is its best model yet—a full laptop convertible with a detachable screen and a dedicated GPU.

The first time you launch any type of file, Windows 10 will usually prompt you to select an app to open it with.

Windows has always had an "Administrator" account that allowed you to install programs and manage system files with elevated privileges.

The difference between this account and a regular user account with administrator access was that you never got bothered by annoying User Account Control popups when you were logged in as Administrator.

But what if microsoft provided all of them( I mean 7,8 &10) free of cost.

The only requirement is that you own a product key for the respective Windows edition (and that's also is not a painful task to get).

For the past three or four months, Microsoft has been pushing advertisements onto the lock screens of some Windows 10 users as part of its "Windows Spotlight" feature.