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Whos josh harnett dating

Agents tells me that a couple of good studio roles puts Hartnett right back on the map, and that is why they’re racing to sign him. And how am I supposed to do that, little Zekey boy? I've taken your shit for too fu**ing long, you di**less drug-induced excuse for a human being.

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The swoon-worthy actor later told the press that although they had a fun relationship together, and he truly liked Scarlett, their schedules simply didn’t align for a long term relationship.Josh has a bit of a reputation for coupling up his co-stars, as he has previously romanced Amber Sainsbury, who he appeared alongside in 30 Days of Night, and Julia Stiles who he starred in O with. The star is also known to be a ladies’ man of sorts, confessing to previously he can be “a pretty difficult boyfriend”. He turned it down because he didn’t want to be defined by that iconic role.Sometimes shuffling the deck with reps works, but only if the actor doesn’t reject the occasional big picture to go along with the art films, something Ryan Gosling is now doing.Tom Hiddelston, British actor who worked with Branagh on the t.v. He is a 27 year old London born actor who has yet to appear in a feature film. Charlie Hunnam, Newcastle born 28 year old actor who is the co-star of the U. Joel Kinnaman, Sweedish American actor who has been in the game for about six years and whose CV of foreign work you can see HERE.

From the looks of them, only Skarsgård fills me with much hope and I'm glad to hear that he has screen tested for the role.

Alexander Skarsgård - 6"4 son of veteran actor Stellan and star of GENERATION KILL and TRUE BLOOD. Liam Hemsworth, the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth (who is playing Kirk's father in flashback scenes in STAR TREK) and is an alumni of .

We spoke about the dinner meeting he had with Branagh HERE... He has recently appeared in KNOWING and has been offered a signifciant role in THE EXPENDABLES after Stallone was impressed by the kids tape reel.

But in the same interview, he spoke about how having children might change his approach to relationships.

role by Warner Bros in a three-picture deal that potentially could have paid him $100 million.

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