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Whos dating kellie pickler

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The need to appear young and beautiful against the onslaught of tabloid speculation and the media’s feeding frenzy is understandable, even if deplorable.

Finally, comes Kyle Jacobs with whom Kellie got engaged after a long struggle of two and half year relationship, with a lovely beach proposal.Latterly on January 1st, 2011 they both got married on a Private Island in the Caribbean Kellie Dawn Pickler is a country music singer.She was one of the show’s best alumni in “American Idol” She also won Miss Stanly Country at the age of 17, American Idol well-known platform accepted her till the 6 positions with her great voice and also for her charming and bubbly daytime’s “go-to” destination for the best in lifestyle and entertainment television, now entering its second season.Nominated for three Emmy awards in its first season, the show is hosted by country-music super-star Kellie Pickler and Emmy-winning journalist Ben Aaron. Some in the Hollywood media also feel Pickler has had botox injections in her face, smoothing out any lines or wrinkles.

This seems rather surprising since at her age it is unlikely she had many wrinkles to start with, but the appearance of the skin on her face seems tighter than normal.

Again, though, whatever she has done appears to have given her self-confidence a real boost.

There are also rumors Pickler has had eyelid surgery as well as possibly cheek implants.

Update: as of Jan 01, 2011, she has married Kyle Jacobs.

Kellie wrote a song about her mom called ''I Wonder'' Kellie's dad was released from jail 1 week after she got kicked off of American Idol.

We tend to think such a drastic choice is for later in life, for those who are past a certain age and want to try and stem the tide of the changes that are happening.