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Who was john mayer dating in 2016

He kissed and told by revealing some candid and intimate details about Jessica Simpson during an interview with .

Granted it was a volatile relationship with its ups and downs because it was so on-again, off-again.She was John Mayer's first big-name girlfriend while she was still appearing in blockbuster films and even had a budding music career (which didn't really go anywhere).There was a rumor that he wrote the song, Your Body is a Wonderland after her and she had a comical reply to that one. My body is more like a pawn shop,” she told If that truly was about Hewitt, then he owes his career to her.Since their fling was so brief, they are said to still be friends and are on amicable terms.According to a pal of Kelly’s, “Minka told a couple friends that she and John had broken up but she really didn’t want to tell anyone.” Even after they broke up, Minka Kelly showed her support for Mayer by attending his concert in L. and accompanied him to the after party where they got cozy in a booth together.It seems like he doesn't really discriminate based on age because has dated older women, younger women, and women that are just about his age.

pointed out: "Lovato is single after a 10-year back and forth relationship with Wilmer Valderrama, and Mayer is single, waiting for the next woman who will make him a paparazzi target.” Perhaps it was better that these two never got serious.

In 2008, John Mayer and Minka Kelly had a brief romance and were spotted out and about together.

She was the girl that he dated while he was on a brief split with Jessica Simpson before they got back together.

John Mayer has dated some high profile women while raising eyebrows and making candid statements about his private life with them. In an interview with We have to wonder what these relationships with these different women have been like for John Mayer since each one of them seems to be drastically different from the last.

He has written songs about these women and they have given him inspiration for his never-ending creativity. Those breakup songs might be about something deeper, though.

John Mayer has made hit after hit of romantic love ballads that make women all over the world swoon.