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Who is oprah winfrey dating 2016

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De Mille Award, Stedman can be seen cheering her on enthusiastically, he even suggested that she run for President in 2020.It takes a person who is absolutely in love with another, to celebrate their success.

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"I want her to succeed and be as successful as she possibly can, so I encourage that.Because Winfrey exudes complete independence at all times and because the couple has gone an atypical route in their relationship by choosing not to marry, society often forgets they are dating despite being together for a whopping 33 years.Recently, Graham opened up about his relationship with the Queen of talk shows and the secret to their success on The Ellen Show. Whilst there, he got candid about his long-time partner, Winfrey.This has reignited an interest into Winfrey’s personal life, specifically her relationship with Graham.While Winfrey built her media empire, Graham found his own business success as the chairman and CEO of S.“The thing about our relationship is I want the best for her.

So, I’m dedicated to her happiness, and so, that’s great for her.

Graham & Associates, a Chicago-based management and marketing consulting firm.

He also serves as a public speaker around the country and the world as well as writing 11 books on personal identity.

Here’s what you need to know: Graham grew up in Whitesborno, New Jersey among five brothers and sisters and his parents, father Stedman, a painter, and mother Mary, a housewife, according to People. He also played professional basketball in the European League.

He played college basketball at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas and graduated in 1974 with a degree in social work.

He also attained a master’s degree in education from Ball State University in Indiana.