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Who is nikki alexander dating

Unfortunately for many women, being assertive and powerful comes with stereotypical gossip, and now the fierce brunette has quite the diva rep.From on-set demands to alleged co-star feuds and staff firings, is she really so bad? and considering that it seems like only one source with one outlet seems to have anything too terrible to say about her, it's safe to say you should probably take most of the shady side of Jaimie Alexander with a huge grain of salt.

The staffers also toted some scented spray, because plain old water just wouldn't do.Education: Nicole Alexander attended Woodhaven High School located in Brownstone, where she played the game of basketball, where she fell in love with these sports.In very less time, the actress became a star on her basketball team, but after she completed matriculation, she didn’t follow it further.There's a part of my backside, below my belt so that has to be painted so that's fun," she joked. However, a spokeswoman for Warner Bros., which produces the series, said, "Three people were let go from the production recently.This has nothing to do with any show talent and is a production/studio decision." Alexander's own rep shot down the tale as well, saying, "I've never heard of a cast member being able to decide who is on the set.Alexander also featured as Kayla in the year 2010 release entitled Ghetto Stories: The Movie.

Before working in Flavor of Love, Alexander served at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport as a Transportation Security Administration agent.

Many times, Alexander contended for the loves of Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav on the prevalent reality series entitled Flavor of Love.

The new show It Takes a Sister featuring Nicole Alexander’s family and their eccentric living arrangements include fourteen people beneath single roof.

"He brought a chair into the middle of the dance floor and he put a ring on her finger." O'Neal has had a busy summer already, airing the second season of his own TV show "Shaq Vs." and learning Hebrew.

Who is Nicole Alexander and what is her net worth 2019?

Alexander is finest known to the world as a famous reality TV personality, who has performed in shows such as “I Love Money”, and “Flavor of Love”.