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Who is kelly monaco dating 2016

The two would fall and love and tie the knot in 1996.While they both are GH stars, they’ve been on the soap at different times. David Bensch on the show and Kassie reprised her OLTL Cramer role on GH for some months in 2012.

Sometimes the chemistry that two characters experience can be easily transferred into a real-life romance and, just like anybody else, many soap actors find true love while at work.Unfortunately, in April 2016, these two called it quits on their three year marriage.9 Port Charles’ girl next door, Elizabeth Webber, has had her fair share of romance since she joined GH in 1997; however, the reality is, former cast mate Michael Saucedo has stolen her heart.As his cousin Sabrina Santiago was about to marry, Elizabeth called Juan to ask if he could deliver Sabrina’s mother’s wedding dress.When he delivered the dress, Elizabeth chatted with him briefly and Juan stated that he still played music, but was married to a ‘Becky,’ which proves that sometimes life does imitate art (or vice versa).8 Maxi Jones and Johnny Zacchara may have only flirted with the idea of a relationship, sharing a simple on-screen kiss.

In real life, these two were as solid as a couple can get.

Unfortunately, Morgan has been too busy going back and forth between Kiki Jerome and her mother Ava and Britt has been far too occupied with Nikolas Cassidine.

However, the two actors that play these interesting characters have certainly found love … Meeting on GH’s set and dating since 2013, Bryan Craig and Kelly Thiebaud are currently engaged, which Craig actually announced on Twitter in June of 2015, and they set the date for March 2017.

Now this real-life couple is clearly only in the of dating, according to Soap Digest.

There has been speculation around the idea that GH stars Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller have been seeing each other for months now.

It was even reported that he bought her a Yorkshire puppy one year for Christmas.