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Who is karyn white dating

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The album featured the singles "Sista, Sista" and "Unbreakable" both of which received music videos.

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Michael Walls, who was credited as stylist on Ritual of Love, worked with White on the look for the Ritual of Love album sleeve, and three of the music videos released for the album. "I'd Rather Be Alone", her last chart single to date, peaked at #50 on the same chart later that year. Records in 1999, and dropped out of the music public eye for many years to start a family.Sacramento left such a mark on her, that she wanted to feature the talent here through her new project.The movie centers on a legendary funk singer, Gale Storm ( played by Ms.In 2011, she was slated to have shot a pilot for a reality series with R&B singers Shanice and Debelah Morgan.White released her first album after a seventeen-year break, Carpe Diem, in March 2012.Karyn White said she’s “not your Superwoman,” but she might be your cougar woman…and a sexy, timeless one at that!

In an exclusive interview with I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC, Ms.

White), who at the height of her career walks away from the industry because she feels betrayed by all involved.

She later meets a former successful music producer who helps her get back in the game. I’m hoping that people will see that dreams don’t have an expiration date,” Ms. The story is loosely based on her friendship with local music icon Jay King. Another local music legend, Derrick “DOA” Allen also played a large role in the new film and soundtrack.

Lewis brought to the marriage children Trey and Chloe. White was later married to producer/musician Bobby G from 2007-09.

She then started a relationship with musician Al B. White resides in Rocklin, California, a suburb of Sacramento, and runs a successful interior design and real estate business.

She stars as the lead character, co-wrote the script and executive produced the film.