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Who is karolina kurkova dating

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“I think with modeling now, people are looking for all kinds of different people who are any age, any look, any style or ethnicity.You get to be in your 60s or 70s and still feel like you can be in front of cameras and wear beautiful clothes.

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“It’s exposing it to them; letting them try it, and when they’re ready they will try it,” she said.Die Begegnung von Boxweltmeister Wladimir Klitschko (32) und Supermodel Karolina Kurkova (24) mutet an wie ein modernes Märchen in der Welt der Reichen und Schönen.Die beiden Singles - sie in Tschechien, er in der Ukraine geboren - wollten sich gern einmal kennen lernen.“And making sure things taste good,” such as sweeter superfood snacks like chia seed pudding.Kurkova, who started modeling as a teen and landed a spot on the People’s “50 Most Beautiful People” list in 2004, says her new project has been an exciting change from the fashion industry that she grew up with -- although she has no plans of retiring from the camera anytime soon.“It’s not about saying, ‘Oh, you have to have this because it’s good for you,” she said.

“Don’t push them to eat all their broccoli; that’s never going to work.

After all, women like Maye Musk are landing modeling campaigns in their 70s as the fashion industry inches toward more inclusivity.

“People may evolve to do something else and change their careers, but you don’t really have an expiration date,” she said.

“I realized the importance of wellness very, very early on through my travels, and being in front of a camera, and being expected to always look great.

People look up to you and say, ‘Oh you’re the epitome of health and beauty,’” she said. If you want to be strong, or you want to have beautiful skin or toned muscles, you have to work at it. Nothing is going to be just there.” SEE ALSO: 4 Kickass moms who totally reinvented their careers on maternity leave And now she’s bringing that to kids.

Kurkova admitted that getting her little ones to swallow her new gig is easier said than done, however.