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Who is jeremy jackson dating

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Jackson was kicked out of the Big Brother house after only three days when he drunkenly tried to pull open British model Chloe Goodman’s bathrobe, non-consensually exposing her.In an interview released shortly after his dismissal, Jackson tried to argue that his actions were the result of a professional interest in Goodman’s extensive bathing suit collection.

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Led by David Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchannon, the beloved series starred Jeremy Jackson as Buchannon’s son Hobie.He was a drug addict, and that’s why my mom pretty much kidnapped us out of a bad situation.”That good Baywatch money added fuel to the fire of a genetic predisposition.As he confessed during Confidential, “I probably made over $2 to $3 million from Baywatch…I had the means to destroy myself: I had a lot of money, and I had a lot of people around me that weren’t really my friends but I thought they were, and I totally got sucked into a downward spiral of a lifestyle.” At one point, Jackson recalled, his on-screen dad David Hasselhoff noticed that something was wrong.“He just kind of looked me in the eyes and was like: ‘Jeremy, what are you smoking, pot?!’ I didn’t have the heart to tell him: ‘That was two years ago — now I’m doing coke and ecstasy and speed.’”While Jackson’s rampant drug use wasn’t exactly professional, his Baywatch career was thwarted by a different child star affliction: overconfidence.“I had the fame, I had the girls, I had the money, and I threw it away,” Jackson recalled during a 2011 episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. “My drug of choice was crystal meth, and it was big-time downhill from that point on.

I was drinking, doing coke, chasing this high with girls and sex.

Jackson told ET that he had just been trying to calm down a would-be attacker with a “common” Jiu-Jitsu hold—and ended up getting hit on the head with a vodka bottle and slammed into a Ferrari, not to mention “verbally attacked.”Jackson’s latest attempt at a comeback came courtesy of Celebrity Big Brother in 2015.

At the time, the formerly sober actor was practicing “controlled drinking.” It went poorly.

When she went to stop Jackson, he stabbed her with a knife. Following his arrest on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats, Jackson pled not guilty and voluntarily entered rehab.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Jackson fled the scene of the incident, which took place near the woman’s L. At this point, it bears mentioning that this wasn’t Jeremy Jackson’s first stabbing charge…in 2015.

“The real deal was that I got a big head and I thought that I was better than Baywatch, or that I was going to go off and do my own stuff,” he explained.