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Who is hilary rosen dating

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There are more like Hilary and Elizabeth who are closeted."But some criticize the couple, accusing them of getting too cozy within the system."The most important thing to them is getting invited to the next cocktail party," says Steve Michael, an AIDS activist with ACT UP.

' " says Bob Hattoy, a Clinton administration aide and gay activist.Rosen is a dark-haired, green-eyed New Jersey native with a deadpan sense of humor.Whatever she does, she likes precision, effectiveness, control -- whether it is taking charge of a meeting on the Hill, competing on the golf links or preparing dinner."And both are seen as leaders in their own right."Yet even given their prominence -- and their recognized political talent -- they remain marginalized because of who they are and how they live.Every night, Birch and Rosen go home to a relationship that some of the same lawmakers they lobby -- even befriend -- have deemed illegitimate.They are not rooted in our world."Rosen and Birch know they cannot make everyone happy: That isn't their goal.

If they are trailblazers, then they want to be the pragmatic kind.

Even with these differences, they have shared a similar journey. Birch, one of five children (her younger sister is also a lesbian), describes hers as "the Cleavers." They did typical stuff like go camping and watch beauty pageants on TV.

Rosen and her older brother remained close through their parents' divorce.

If you know you want to be happy and fulfilled and have a greater sense of your own power, then being out is the only option," says Rosen, 38.

Out in front"There's some trailblazing in both our stories," adds Birch, 40.

An article Monday overstated the federal campaign contributions made by Hilary Rosen, CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America. "Kind of like the Garth Brooks of the gay and lesbian world."Garth Brooks, maybe. Rosen, whose salary and powers are among the highest at Washington's trade groups, enjoys close connections with lawmakers that are enhanced by the fund-raisers she organizes and campaign contributions she delivers.