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Arnold T Blumburg of Now Playing gave the episode a grade of B , writing that it "sacrifices a bit of plot and logic" for a good exploration of the characters and plot threads. In 2013, Patrick Mulkern of Radio Times particularly praised Badland and the dinner scene, though he described the whole episode as a "peculiar short-story, a low-cal filler sandwiched between the dramatic juggernauts of Steven Moffat's Doctor Who debut and Russell T Davies's dazzling finale." The A. Club reviewer Alasdair Wilkins gave the episode a grade of B, noting that it required more suspension of belief than usual.He felt that the plot was included out of necessity while the episode was more focused on character moments, and that this did not work as well as "Father's Day" because Margaret's fate was "less clearly motivated." On the other hand, Wilkins called Rose and Mickey's subplot the most effectively handled part of "Boom Town".

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Primarily, Davies wanted to explore the consequences of the Doctor's actions and question whether he had the right to sentence an enemy to death.Jack and the Doctor are unable to stop the energy transfer, and Blaine takes Rose hostage and demands the extrapolator.The heart of the TARDIS opens on the console, bathing Blaine in light.The episode was also intended to showcase Cardiff, where the revived Doctor Who series is made, and where the episode was filmed in February 2005."Boom Town" was watched by 7.68 million viewers in the United Kingdom and received mixed reviews from critics.It was written by executive producer Russell T Davies and directed by Joe Ahearne.

The episode is set in Cardiff in the early 21st century, six months after the 2005 episode "World War Three".

Davies intended the episode to be a character piece exploring whether the Doctor had the authority to take someone to their death sentence, as well as showing the consequences of the Doctor's actions the last time he met Margaret.

The resolution is a deliberate deus ex machina, regressing Margaret so she can start anew, although Davies remarked that the resolution did not come completely out of nowhere as the TARDIS' psychic link had been already established.

The Ninth Doctor lands the TARDIS in Cardiff, using the energy of the Cardiff Rift to recharge the engines of the time machine. The Doctor spots a newspaper article showing Margaret Blaine, a Slitheen, has become Cardiff's new mayor.

The four track down and capture Blaine to find out what she is doing there.

In the episode, the criminal alien Slitheen named "Margaret Blaine" (Annette Badland) attempts to gain her freedom after being captured and detained by the alien time traveller the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston).