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Who is charlie sheen dating right now

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not if, but when you do come down with this," he reportedly told her, "that we're together and at least we have each other." Other times, she claims that Charlie told her he could "see the future," and he knew she'd be all right because the "apocalypse" had "cleansed" her soul.

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Here she is at the 21 Pilots show sitting with Charlie Sheen.Originally from Downers Grove, Illinois, her family moved there when Richards was just 15 years old.Her modeling career began to take off almost immediately as she was whisked away to exotic locations such as Paris, Tokyo, and even New York City.In fact, she has been in quite a few relationships outside of Sheen.Given her track record, she seems to mostly be attracted to bad boys.The woman claims that she and Charlie began dating in September of 2015, and before they had sex, she asked if he had any STDs.

He said that he didn't, that he was "fine" and she "needed to trust him." They still waited for about two months to have unprotected sex, but immediately after they did, Charlie allegedly revealed that he was, in fact, HIV positive.

The Illinois beauty has been linked to the likes of rock star Ritchie Sambora, John Stamos, Nikki Sixx, the late Paul Walker, and it was even rumoured that she dated Bradley Cooper back in 2009.

She’s currently single, though, and focusing more on spending time with her kids and looking after her own interests, but we’re positive she’ll find love again when the time is right!

According to TMZ, Sheen, 47, has been dating his new "goddess," 24-year-old Jones, since they met back in October.

After a few months of being secretive, the couple made a public appearance together last weekend in Mexico at Sheen’s nightclub.

It’s also very obvious that Denise Richards loves spending time with her kids because she’s constantly being photographed in public with them, whether she’s taking them out to lunch or dropping them off at school.