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Ashburn rightfully deserves to have the most popular section of Citizens Bank Park named after him.Speaking of Phillies lead off hitters, since August 2001, Jimmy Rollins has occupied the #1 spot in the Phillies batting order.

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Rollins sports a career .270 batting average, .328 OBP, 7.6 BB percentage, an average of 98 runs scored per season, and over 400 career stolen bases.When filling out a lineup, a manager attempts to tell a story, a hopeful one at that.The archetypal lead off man, the hitter who digs his cleats into the batter’s box first, exhibits speed, agility, baseball intelligence, patience, and tenacity.First of all, 8 games is a very small sample size, so in no way am I saying that any of Revere’s stats are predictive for the rest of the season, nor do any of those same statistics indicate anything more than a slow start.On the other hand, if we look at Revere’s splits for the season, he actually looks more favorable.This off-season, General Manager Ruben Amaro made a change.

Needing a center fielder, Amaro acquired on from the Minnesota Twins in exchange for pitchers Vance Worley and Trevor May.

Following the Phillies’ acquisition of Revere, a number of questions begin floating around concerning the top of the Phillies batting order.

Would it be the veteran Jimmy Rollins, or the newcomer Ben Revere?

Thus far Revere has posted a sub .300 on base percentage, only one multi-hit game, 4 total runs scored, and 4 stolen bases.

So, what’s wrong; why isn’t the Phillies new lead off hitter performing as expected?

As a switch hitter, Rollins provided often needed and highly valued versatility at the top of the lineup, while added a dash of power, something that Ashburn never did.