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Who is ant dating

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According to Christina, they were introduced in December 2017, one year after her divorce from Tarek was finalized. He handles me and my whole life very well.” “Ant’s hot! One person who isn’t exactly beaming with joy over all of this?

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My kids seem to like him.” Sounds like everything is just fine between these three!Christina Anstead rose to fame as part of her former relationship as she and her ex-husband rehabbed properties for profit on the popular HGTV series .The show continued even after the pair called it quits, which brought an interesting new dynamic to their interactions. Christina has a new marriage, a blended family, and a baby boy on the way. In other words, he’ll be very interested in seeing garages during their house hunt.However, Ant Anstead did not reveal the reason for their separation.Neither did Louise Anstead speak about the divorce.Notably, before Louise and Ant Anstead got married, they already had a kid. She was two years old at the time her parents wedded.

After the couple married, they birthed their second kid the following year.

Louise Anstead came to the public spotlight after she got married to Ant Anstead.

Louise Anstead’s wiki-bio reveals that she and her ex-husband, Ant Anstead, started dating in college.

Presumably, Ant Anstead had an extra-marital affair with Christina El Moussa while he was still married to Louise.

This is because Ant Anstead made public his relationship Christina almost immediately after parting with Louise.

Their second born is a boy named Archie, and he was born in 2006.