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Who is amy paffrath dating

#tbt to last year's @burningman I went on a whim with my partner in adventure @atwjustin and man, am I glad we pulled this trip together.

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We don't really care because everyday is a good day to express our love for this guy. We don't really care because everyday is a good day to express our love for this guy. The days are long and the years are short, they say. Then I look at you And the world's alright with me Just one look at you And I know it's gonna be A lovely day 🎶 As Miss Ember made her grand entrance, Lovely Day by Bill Withers played - a welcome addition to the playlist courtesy of her Daddy @Drew… We went in for yet another prenatal appointment on Friday at what my doc and were calling 41.5 weeks gestation. Y O2SG This weekend - am I right?! My birthday weekend is usually full of excitement but this one definitely takes the cake! Yes, you may have been down a road that someone else is about to travel, but it doesn't mean it will be the same. Not one to sit around and wait for opportunities, the young actress is quickly making a name for herself in the entertainment business. With modest means, the Paffrath pack learned to find inexpensive ways to entertain themselves.The energetic Paffraths put on plays and newscasts at family parties. 💪🏼 Happy to report my doc has given me the go-ahead to start working out again! MWYo Couple of ♋ girls enjoying a ♌season stroll. Baby girl has a newborn photoshoot today and Mama and Daddy are getting in on the… ʟѧẓʏ Ԁѧʏś 🌴 #TBT to a much more low key time in my life, just 6 months ago. I really didn't expect to enjoy these last 9 months so much. We're so lucky that our pediatrician is walking distance from our house and there are beautiful murals like this along the way 🦁Happy to report that little Miss Ember has gained a whole 2 pounds in the las… Today I did something about it and put some lipstick and mascara on and curled my effing hair.The young starlet always had a curious nature and decided to pursue a career in journalism.

While attending the world renown University of Missouri School of Journalism, Amy completed an internship at Entertainment Tonight in Los Angeles alongside TV veterans Mark Steines and Mary Hart under the leadership of Executive Producer and fellow Mizzou alumni, Linda Bell Blue.

She worked closely with Mark Steines, Mary Hart, Jann Carl and Bob Goen and grew enormously from the experience.

Again, she wanted to stay in LA and start her career but with just one year left, she once again returned to Missouri.

She began working in the media department both in front of the camera, on AM in the am, and behind the scenes, producing and editing.

Amy signed with Toni's International Models in 1997.

Immediately, she landed hosting gigs on two shows, "Created by U" and "In the Mix", both on Direct-TV (2006-2007).