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Who is adam gregory dating 2016

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Thinking that Ridge would be happier with Brooke, Taylor, Thorne Forrester (Ridge's brother), and Brooke convinced everyone that Thorne was the father.Brooke and Thorne were secretly working together to make sure that Ridge and Taylor wouldn't get back together and convinced both of them that the other did not want them.

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In 2005, Thomas became interested in Gabriela Moreno, devastating Caitlin who tried to win Thomas back.In 1999, Taylor and Ridge were overjoyed when they discovered they were expecting twin daughters.Just a few months before the expected delivery, Taylor was infected with tuberculosis by a homeless man.What started as a friendship between them soon turned into a serious relationship after Amber seduced Thomas, much to Ridge and Stephanie's dismay.But they unwillingly began accepting their relationship even after Ridge tried getting a restraining order against Amber, but was declined because Thomas was over 18.She refused treatment when antibiotics could affect both her unborn daughters and gave birth to them.

Taylor eventually recovered from the disease and named her twins Steffy and Phoebe.

It was then revealed that Taylor was actually alive and reunited with her family.

Although he was grateful to Brooke for everything she had done for him and his sisters when Taylor was thought to be dead, Thomas asked Brooke to step aside so this parents could contine their marriage.

But in 2002, Taylor died after being shot by Sheila Carter while defending Brooke.

After her death, Thomas and his sisters were upset when Brooke took over as a parent for them and married Ridge.

Ridge never gave up on trying to break them up, but Thomas eventually came to the realization that Amber wasn't the one for him and completely dumped Amber after she nearly got Ridge and Bridget Forrester killed in Big Bear.