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White sewing machines dating

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This vintage White sewing machine produces some of the most well defined stitches I have seen in a very long time.Then again, well defined, sturdy yet delicate stitchwork is a standard when it comes to vintage sewing machines.

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Without access to an owner’s manual, we can only surmise that other features include a variety of zigzag stitch options.Every vintage non-electric sewing machine renders straight stitches only.Therefore, in order to get what she wanted, Sarah had this one customized to fulfill her wishes.Everything worked so smoothly, it was obvious that this machine has been well taken care of.It is whisper quiet hums along with precision and ease.I am not sure of the model or even the year this machine was made.

My best guess is that it was made sometime between the middle to late 1940s and the 1950s.

Instead, there are a series of common sense thread and uptake guides that anyone who is familiar with basic sewing machine operation can easily figure out.

Even a beginner could master threading this machine with a minimum of guidance.

Quite honestly, when I saw the White sewing machine sitting atop a Singer table, I mistakenly assumed that the electric powered machine was merely mounted on an old treadle table. I have seen many treadle sewing machines converted to electrical power, but I have never seen a machine converted from electrical power into a treadle machine.

Taking such an unusual step is only further confirmation of Sarah’s commitment to energy conservation.

I think everyone who takes sewing seriously should have the experience of working on a treadle machine…