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What to know about dating a leo man

what to know about dating a leo man-70

Once you got him, he’ll offer you the best time of your life.

After you’ll move in together, you’ll see that he likes a chic, but cozy home.He will talk about what he’s feeling with you, as long as you are not insisting.He will most likely have a bizarre idea for a first date. Make sure you always say something about his looks and the way he thinks.Tell him he looks good or that he is nice and interesting.Hurry to ask him out as many would want to do the same.When dating the Leo man, you need to be at all times in a good mood.

More than this, you have to be classy and conscientious of his feelings.

Don’t ever try to change him is as he doesn’t like it and he will leave you just for trying.

The Leo man will appreciate you for speaking your mind.

Talk about your feelings and thoughts with honesty.

You will be amazed of how much he can take in and at the same time you will take things off your chest.

He is extremely protective of people and things he loves and he would never cheat on his partner.