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What is validating identity

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This can be done at a reasonable cost to the student or institution.

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The danger in not understanding the difference is the danger of being out of Title IV compliance.For example, when you design a new campus building, you would think of security requirements, alarm systems, fire codes, insurance and so on. The new DOE requirements are simply moving institutions toward the same security standards in the online world as would exist for their bricks-and-mortar buildings.My mother has lived in the same house in the same town for over 40 years.Simply catching a student cheating in an online test, while a worthy goal for academic honesty, will not meet the guidelines and will not reduce financial aid fraud overall.Institutions need to understand the risk; in the virtual world, one can be many. If a low-tuition institution such as a community college is targeted for this kind of fraud, where one person fraudulently acts while many students maximize their financial aid, the potential loss is significant. Title IV of the Higher Education Act Programs, “Additional Safeguards Are Needed to Help Mitigate the Risks That Are Unique to the Distance Education Environment,” Final Audit Report ED-OIG/A07L0001, February 2014 I’m no tech or security expert, so what I’m suggesting may not be possible, but I wonder if institutions couldn’t create a system or process that could simultaneously deal with both academic integrity and financial fraud.In the latest audit released in February from the OIG, it’s clearly stated that simply having unique logins and passwords does not meet the guideline for student identification.

Validation may, but the OIG language suggests authentication is the preferred process.

The DOE relies on accreditation for integrity guidelines in most cases.

The OIG recommendations seek to reduce fraud in admissions, financial aid and student identity in an online class.

There is much talk surrounding how colleges and universities will need to change to comply with the Department of Education (DOE)’s new student identity guidelines.

The new guidelines will be directed at online education providers, where there are more reported incidences of fraud than any other; the most serious being financial aid fraud.

Validation Validation is showing something to substantiate the identity you claim to be.