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What do men look for in a dating profile

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This strategy is the rough equivalent of a bakery putting a cake in a garbage bag.Nobody’s buying your sad garbage bag, no matter how good the cake is. If you don’t have any recent photographs of you, DON’T add photos from the company trip that you went on 4 years ago. Pester, bribe, or threaten one of your friends until they agree to take a picture of you in natural light doing natural things like eating, standing, or sitting.

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They do not provide any real information about who you are. Using a description that is unique, different and exciting is much more likely to catch a woman’s eye.Use this as an opportunity to really show yourself.Follow these tips when creating your profile and women will be dying to know more about you.Michele Peppler is the Barefoot Queen - A down to earth dating, relationships & lifestyle coach, mentor & transformational facilitator of all matters life, love & connection.Through her business ‘Be the Queen’, and signature program ‘Be the Queen to Call in Your King’ she supports ‘everywoman’ to realize herself as a woman of high worth, by getting real about who she is, what she wants & teaches her how to create her life & relationships from this place. Having done more than my fair share of dating and I can say with confidence that there is no other medium out there that allows a girl to get 28 dates (most of them with different men) in 40 days.

Between and it’s easy for a girl to find interesting men that want to show her around town.

Picture this: you’re a nice, moderately handsome man looking for love online.

You even have a job, a tidy flat, and a hilarious cat named Mortimer.

You’re the whole package, and you don’t think you should have any trouble meeting women. You’re not getting any matches or messages, because you have the worst dating profile in the world.

Most men are completely clueless when it comes to crafting dating profiles, because they do it in a rush.

Write down some things that you’ve experienced that set you apart from everybody else.