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These mythical creatures are the names of strange animals which are pronounced in very similar ways to censored words.Among the most common of the “Mythical Creatures” is the river crab (河蟹).

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China’s internet is notoriously controlled and restricted.Given that this is a popular form of informal, interpersonal communication in China, it’s a hotbed of Chinese online slang.Like the rest of the world, social media portals are immensely popular in China.Some of the more popular ones can be read below.(I think you are really cute – I love you!)As with many languages, Chinese has a huge number of specific slang insults used in its internet slang.Pronounced in Mandarin as , this word sounds very similar to the word Harmony/Harmonize (hé xié).

The word “harmonize” began to be censored due to the fact that it was used to describe something being actively censored (eg.

Obviously, both of these kinds of slang require a considerable amount of Chinese knowledge, as well as insider info into the “code” being used.

This being said, there are only a limited number of words which are represented using this.

” or “Awesome.”Alternatively, for the numeric slang, numbers are used for words whose pinyin sounds somewhat similar to that of the character the number represents.

For example, using this system, 7451 in internet slang means 气死我了 qì sǐ wǒ le (I am very angry), as the pronunciation of the numbers qī sì wǔ yī is very similar.

What’s more, Chinese internet slang really isn’t that hard to learn, following generally a few very simple rules, and requiring knowledge of only a few obscure memes.