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Websites like hehe chat

Websites like hehe chat-69

He's not a hacker but he can set the wifi system at home. If the websites you are visiting is being served through HTTPS, he will not be able to see the exact data you are sending but he will still be able to tell where and when you visit the site.

Dating through websites also allows a person to misrepresent themselves to others.Terry has already answered your question, but I'd like to provide more information. The main issue is that you are using a network that he controls.Presumably he controls the router, switches, and access points.Some other popular Asian women dating websites are Date In Asia, Asian Dating, Asian Romance, Asian Single Solution and many more. Some popular dating websites include e Harmony, Plenty of Fish, Date Hookup, OK Cupid and Meetup. Some famous websites that provide executive dating include; Executive Singles, Perfect Match, Seeking Millionaire, Executive Dating Agencies, and A Greater Date. While online sites are a good way to meet new people that you wouldn't normally come in to contact with, one will want to make sure to take precautions when arranging to meet anyone in person. I live with someone in the same house so we both use the same wifi. So this kind of information is not only available to hackers?

He knows the wep password because he set it up in the first place. Basically, if the guy is on the same network as you, he can see everything you do.

In terms of what he can see, he can see the sites you're visiting.

If the site uses HTTPS then he can't see the data you're exchanging, but if it's HTTP then he could see everything.

You also become vulnerable to a lot of other attacks like SSL strpping, DNS spoofing, code injection and others.

Your network is a trusted zone and should be restricted to only clients that you trust.

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