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Buterin would get up super-early to bang out an , and Veri Me, but only one is nominated in the same three categories as Spank Chain.It’s an enterprise-level payments and reputation service for the adult industry called

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Soleimani recently spent time in Singapore as Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin’s protégé.Soleimani and Callon-Butler also bring a fresh perspective to adult entertainment.Neither were involved in the adult industry before starting their current companies.I wait hours for the blockchain companies’ categories to be announced.The winners of those categories appear, anticlimactically, in a scroll on a projection screen at the very end. This doesn’t seem to bother or surprise the Spank Chain or teams.Plus, days after the awards show, Callon-Butler is named an official community ambassador for XBIZ’s Reddit-like forum.“The other people who were community ambassadors at XBIZ have been in the industry for like 20 to 30 years,” she says, clearly honored.

“I had no connection to this industry when I started in October [2017], and they welcomed me with open arms.” “With most areas that blockchain has entered, adoption has been an enormous problem,” says Stephanie Hurder, an economist with Prysm Group, a blockchain economics and governance design firm.

She’s certain that Daniels will win the crossover category because “she had a way better year” (spoiler alert: she does), but this isn’t the first time XBIZ has paid attention to Sparks for her interest in crypto.

She’s been interviewed for its online publication about her work with Spank Chain multiple times—she even I’m here to see how much these normal people are using cryptocurrency and blockchain, and what that means for the technology at large.

Soleimani used to work at Consen Sys in Brooklyn, where he briefly lived in the same warehouse-style building as the Ethereum company’s flagship office.

Callon-Butler, who is from Australia, used to work in sustainable energy.

Of the various blockchain-based efforts to improve transactions and interactions in the adult industry, Spank Chain and stand out for having attracted significant attention in the worlds of both adult and blockchain.