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Warning signs of dating a loser

Probably socially dysfunctional or hates people, which I suppose is common among men and women but with this guy.... His problem with fitting in the world might mean he'll expect you to give up everything or your social life for him and if you don't, he will become sad and lonely and more depressed until you feel as miserable as he does.Good or REAL guys have no problems with having some women as friends.

He thinks you'll like him more if he gives you something or does things for you.If you're getting lots of questions similar to or he's constantly upset when you're not always validating your attraction to him - this is a BAD sign.Since he's generally a decent guy you might not want to ditch him BUT if you're not committed to him yet - he's not ready. Similar to number one with a few exceptions - he's more pro-active and less passive-aggressive. He will (more than likely) drive you crazy by eventually becoming overly needy IF he's not like that from the beginning.He plays on your empathy to get what he wants which is normally string free and unattached sex or some form of intimacy up to and including a blow job.He will make you feel sorry for him and use it against you.I know it sounds great, you might even like it for a while, but sooner or later it turns into bartering your emotions for his happiness AND he might not ever understand what your love to him really means.

Chances are you'll end up fighting about this a lot, He's afraid of being alone.

He will always be right and make you feel like it was YOUR decision or how it's all and always YOUR fault.

If a guys life revolves around a constant "pity party" for himself, chances are he's either using it to get laid OR is incapable of allowing someone to love him and falls into number 6. He might actually be living in the past and feels deserving of something more.

He ALWAYS finds a way to back out months down the road when it's too late and you're already hooked on him.

It's okay to role play and it can be a lots of fun, but when it's taken too serious this type of guy normally has trouble sticking to his promises.

Worst case scenario - he's a player who say things he can't possibly give you in exchange for early sex.