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cl ~b who " 'ill be furnidted wi.h pmpc-r teq,,;,ilion ! ., forms, propo:rlr filled OIIt •• hould be relurned '" .

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SERVICE ABOVE SELF - HE PROFITS MOST WHO SERVES BESI' IN THIS ISSUE: The Million-Dollar Glitter By GEORCE P. ut him grasp definitely the idu that any reuona Ne, perl Ollal sacr ifice o f rnorncntary, unnecessary thrill will more than pay, "Pinst Iht tim~ when t he income from hil aco:wnulation shall hayc produced a sum sufficient to ptlr Chall C the nceellities of life. brain .'i O thoroughly that he would come to cl ing tenaciously to 54-7 per cent interest in so far :1.1 p:lyilli' it out himll CH is ooncern W.. On lheir ;lrrival the Bo Iton ians were met by a special oo""",l Iee and after breakfast went up to the top of the Woolworth Tower. few surrounding coun tiu and latcr the tr;ollie .ignala on Fift!! After the party returned to ~hore they wcre taken to the Lambs aub and ~nj oycd e,·tning dinner in Ihe atmo.phere of New York'. A trip to the Hippodrome ca rried the theatrical atmosphe re a bit further and proved a plusant ending to the day'l aa'vi, ies.. - 8o$r ON", )i"ss.-A dcleg;otion of B()5ton Rotarians and Rotary Annes reeently enjoyed the hospitality o f the New York dub. On the bo; I.t they were joined b)' the Rotary Annrl who h~d been inspecting the departr Mnt store.. Entertain your friends these long winler even ings will I a round of l Iolf on the Golfmete r. Home IJraetice that will IJu t y ou a t the top of your l Ia me wben the OOUI'!

been clea nly hit , "topped" or "sliced ." Ilequi ....s a space only 11:- feet.

D~ alli, 3e enc.1m'oaron it 1:1.1 altura¥ tic )lo I11I1errat, desde las cnales K con· lempla toda Mataous. A esc ballf Jucte a sistieron muc hiliimu {dred dolla...

y se admira el fer:u: y p.ecioso Valle de YUn' UT'. alturas it: dectu6 un a Jmueno olncido por el Rotary Onb.

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