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Vrman dating

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She sailed through life on her talents that include a bizarre and funny look at life, though at the cost of affecting the lives of those who were unfortunate to be close to her," Lillete shares the storyline in a nutshell.

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"Now she doesn't need to travel." You bet she is kidding because not a moment goes by when she does not text her daughter on when she is coming home, having food etc.The play, written by Mahesh Dattani and directed by Lillete Dubey, has artists Soni Razdan, Neha Dubey, Sid Makkar and Priyanka Karunakaran working their magic on stage.It is inspired by the spirit of the famous doyens of yesteryears.Says Neha, "I might do the same scene in different takes, but this isn't possible on stage. " Is it comparable the number of people seeing films over the weekend and the number of people watching theatre? "Indeed we want the audiences to come and watch the play.I have definitely tried my level best to make it entertaining.The play is set against the famed company theatres that performed dance dramas through the 1950s till the 80s.

"Nazia is an actress who has been through four decades of performance, and seven decades of personal travails and political upheavals.

And this time it is with a play inspired by the world of theatre and cinema Where Did I Leave My Purdah Theatre and films which one affords more creative space, wherein lies more challenge, which is more gratifyingthe questions are many.

In Chandigarh, the cast of the play Where Did I Leave My Purdah has a few insights to offer.

It was a transformation that happened over a period of years." While Janaka called it a day after six years of having been in IT consultancy.

It was a switch that happened from a Ph D and London School of Economics. I was passionate about music and was deejaying in San Francisco." Alongside, there was picking up different influences and styles.

Together, the cross-continental duo brings in elements of classical music, instruments such as sarod and sarangi, coupled with regional styles.