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Vista rss gadget not updating

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This is to ensure that users do not install any malicious unsigned gadget in windows 7.Many Vista users were complaining about UAC and they wanted to keep it turned off.

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This was a great idea for sellers, however as I don’t really sell to many items, I thought it would be more appropriate for me to be keeping an eye on my watchlist items. -- /* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Robert Firth * * Windows Vista x86 RTM * * Right now Fahrenheit shows 48, Sprinkles and displays the next 3 days as Friday, Saturday and Sunday (still 'stuck' on last Thursday's forecate). Again, Celsius is correct, only Fahrenheit is 'stuck'. Switching back to Fahrenheit it jumps back to last Thursday's information. I see several people with the same issue, has anyone found a resolution yet? I never realized that we could (a) move the gadget to the desktop or (b) get it to show the forecast, as well as the current temp! Do a google on both of these before you decide to load Weatherbug.

In the past it also loaded Gator another wonderful little prgram. Anyway, at least now I can fix it and hopefully it'll work next time it happens. :-) ** Tom ** "pete" wrote in message news:[email protected]

this should extract a file called “trademe watchlist watcher.gadget”.

Doubble click on this file and vista should start the install process for gadgets.

"Greg" wrote: Why ANYONE would want to load a POS like Weatherbug is beyond me! And in response to the previous user, yes, I do change my date constantly, testing date sensitive features of our software. Thanks guys for solving my problem BEFORE I knew that I had it.

Smith, in Le Flore County, Oklahoma, and most of my relatives still live there. I just need to figure out how to say forget that old forcast and date!

Every 3 minutes this utility makes a call to the trademe watchlist page and downloads a list of the watchlist items you are keeping an eye on.