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Validating checkboxes in java script

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All you need to do is include a This tells the browser that the form should not be allowed to submit without the checkbox checked.

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We know the checkbox is changing because that's what drives the CSS effect: The HTML for this example is the same as above. I'm not much of a developer, but stubble on your website searching for exactly what you posted here.This is also possible with text will now toggle the checkbox state, and the text will change from red to green.Basically, when the checkbox is happy, the label is happy.At time of writing Safari does not enforce input fields.If you're using Safari or another unsupporting browsers all the examples will just display the Java Script alert box.Here you can see the custom message being displayed in Firefox: Custom messages can be set in a similar manner for object states (validity.value Missing, validity.pattern Mismatch, ...) to determing the right message. The previous example was starting to become a bit cluttered with two Java Script script blocks as well as the The forms behaviour should be unchanged: While it looks much more complicated, this is a better solution because it allows for the HTML and Java Script to be maintained separately.

The only hooks between them are the values for the form itself and the checkbox input element.

I am updating the database depending upon the selection of the checkboxes.

The functionality is working fine but I am unable to throw a validation message in case the user does not select any of the checkboxes.

I want the submit button to be pressed and it will only submit if that check box is selected.

Here's the thing: I want the simple, cheating way -- no methods -- just some inline code in that form (assuming its not overly long? This is not a public page, I just need something quick and simple with that type of validation.

Also gone are any globally defined functions or variables.