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Use windows live messenger without updating

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Can anyone tell me how I can bypass downloading messenger to my phone so I can read messages without having to open up another app?

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The ability to sign in to Windows operating system using a Microsoft Account was first introduced with Windows 8 and the feature is present in the latest Windows 10 as well.That is, with default settings, when you sign in to the Store app using a Microsoft ID, your local account is automatically upgraded to the Microsoft account.If you would like to install apps from the Store using a Microsoft ID but don’t want to switch your local account to Microsoft account, here is how you can use a Microsoft ID to sign in to Windows Store without switching your Windows 10’s local account to Microsoft account.(A zipped version of the programme is also available to bypass security software blocking). Once downloaded, a window will pop-up that looks like this: Click "Start" and the programme will automatically modify Messenger and restart it.The software runs on Windows XP through to Windows 8 and . If Windows Live Essentials is not installed, Reviver will offer the option to install the software.Visit Stack Exchange Is it possible to install Movie Maker without updating my messenger version (2009), or to revert to the previous version once it's updated?

If none is possible, what's a lightweight and simple video editing program for windows?

I don't blame you for not wanting to update to the new messenger version. Have a look at Windows Movie Maker 2.6, the last-but-one version before Windows Live Movie Maker.

2.7 is what came with XP but only 2.6 is avalible as a stand-alone download.

If I didnt do this then I wouldnt be able to read my messages using a browser on my phone.

Once I select the message icon on facebook using a browser it automatically sends you to a page forcing you to install messenger otherwise I dont get to read my messages.

Signing in to Windows 10 using a Microsoft account allows you quickly access all Microsoft services from One Drive to Skype to