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Updating xml data using jsp

updating xml data using jsp-64

In the example application, the entry field has an auto-complete feature.

updating xml data using jsp-61

interaction implies that the browser can continue to process events in the page after the request is sent.The application’s business logic processes requests by retrieving data from the data store, then preparing and sending the response. Before you begin coding the servlet, set up the data store and the functionality required by the servlet to access data.method needs to parse the URL of the request, retrieve data from the data store, and prepare a response in XML format.Ajax interactions are handled asynchronously in the background.As this happens, a user can continue working with the page.Data is passed in the background, and can be automatically loaded into the page without requiring a page refresh.

The IDE provides comprehensive support for server-side web programming.

Ajax interactions are initiated by Java Script code.

When the Ajax interaction is complete, Java Script updates the HTML source of the page.

Imagine a web page in which a user can search for information about musical composers.

The page includes a field where the user can enter the name of the composer.

While this includes basic editor support for many popular programming and scripting languages, it also encompasses web services, such as SOAP, REST, Saa S, and MVC-oriented frameworks, such as JSF, Spring and Struts.