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Updating modified psp

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Remove the battery from the battery compartment with your fingers.That might not be a big deal to anyone, but it’s something worth noting.The “Home” button has been modified with a Play Station logo, which used to reside on the upper left corner and a built-in mic has been placed between the volume keys and PSP logo.I’ve been wondering about hacking the PSP-3000 and it remains to be seen from what I’ve gathered on the Interwebs if it’s even possible.The Pandora battery doesn’t work with the 3000 and v5.0 of the firmware was only partially decrypted, so we’ll have to give this one some time. If you’ve got an extra $200 lying around and you don’t stick your nose six inches from the screen.The Sony logo has been shifted from the right upper corner to where the PSP logo used to be.

The silver ring surrounding the PSP logo on the back has been reduced in size and the overall package is much more polished and refined than that of the PSP-2000.

I can say right off the bat that the PSP-3000 hardware is much, much nicer than my white Darth Vader PSP-2000.

It’s much lighter too – by about 100 grams give or take.

Sometimes modifications to a Play Station Portable's operating system can cause the LCD screen to fail to light up when it is turned on, staying black and making the PSP unusable.

You can fix the LCD screen to restore its brightness.

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