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Updating knotty pine kitchen cabinets

of cleaning up and painting to do to the exterior of the house and the outbuildings, but it’s too hot for that right now, so for the most part we’ve been working inside.We’ve finished up the living room (see how it turned out here), are thisclose to finishing the bathroom and now I’m setting my sights on the kitchen.

Pulling this table out only cost me one yellow jacket sting, which really is a good deal given the multiple nests that were in the workshop and the huge snakeskin we saw there. After that, I’m going to see how much of the rust I can get off and then go from there as to whether or not to paint that metal part or not.That being said, the lower cabinets are in pretty poor condition.While the upper cabinets and most of the paneling on the walls cleaned up pretty well, the lower cabinets are actually losing much of their finish as you can probably see by the photos. I’m hoping to be able to lightly sand them and then give them a fresh coat of poly.The wall isn’t going to be just filled with art prints though!My grannie used to have lots of little knick-knacks hanging on that wall and above the cabinets and I actually still have quite a few of those pieces.A cabinet makeover by The Home Depot can update your existing kitchen cabinet layout with on-trend colors, door styles, and storage options to make your kitchen work for you. Whether you’re searching for a particular color, texture, door style or brand name, we have the right kitchen cabinets to help you create a kitchen you’ll love coming home to.

Shop our selection of in-stock kitchen cabinetry, opt for cabinet refacing, or choose custom cabinets, complete with all the storage and accessories you need for your family’s busy lifestyle.

The island will work better for our needs and we’ll eat family meals in the dining room.

Instead of a kitchen table on this wall, I’m planning to do a gallery wall.

And as it just so happens, I also have the navy and white curtain panels from our last house as well, that I’ll be shortening for the windows in the kitchen.

Navy and White Upholstery Fabric They will of course tie in with the upholstery on the barstools, add color and a little more lightening to the space with the navy and white stripes.

We have also went ahead and replaced the faucet as the old one was leaking pretty badly.