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Updating bathroom tile

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This will remove some of the sheen and rough them up so they will accept the paint better. I used TSP, which is a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser that will remove any dirt, mildew or soap scum from your tile floors.

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I fell in love with this Moroccan style tile with a simple geometric pattern that wouldn’t be too overwhelming in the small space.I had originally planned to use a roller, but the bonding primer is so thick it was hard to roll.It dries pretty quickly, so you’ll want to be careful not to brush over the dried areas and pull it up accidentally (ask me how I know!If you don’t prep your tile floors properly, the floor paint won’t stick and you’ll have wasted all that hard work.Start by sanding your tile floors with an orbital sander and 80 grit sandpaper.This smaller stencil will be easier to bend and manipulate to fit into tight spaces.

This is the most important step of the entire process!

This week in my DIY half bath remodel, I’m painting the tile floor to give it a whole new look on a budget!

I had my heart set on a bold, geometric pattern that would add wow factor to this tiny space. Instead of shelling out $15-30 a square foot, I’m painting the entire floor with a stencil for the same price.

I scrubbed my floors twice to make sure they were super clean.

First, I used an extra grout sponge I had bought for installing the vertical subway tile.

This stuff is thick, sticky and makes paint bond to almost anything!