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Updating a sql table from excel

If you dislike coding, excel could be your rescue into data science world (to some extent).

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It has multiple types: Exercise: Below is city category table “City_Cat”, now I want to map city category to Employee table and show all records of Employee table.Not only it is useful, but it allows you to extract the hidden insights from data.Moreover, it helps us to generate inference by summarizing data and allow us to manipulate it in different ways.Here, I want to show all records of table Employee. To know more about JOIN operations, I would recommend you to refer this link.Pivot Table is an advanced way of analyzing data in excel.Moreover, SQL is one of the most sought out skills in a data scientist.

If you don’t know SQL yet and have worked in Excel, you can get started right now.

We need to refresh the Pivot table manually as standard functionality in Excel to update the Pivot table results with these changes in source data.

In this article, we will learn how to refresh the Pivot table in Excel manually to update Pivot Table results.

I’ve designed this tutorial with keeping in mind, the most commonly used excel operations.

Your previous experience blended with this tutorial can quickly make you a SQL expert.

In this tutorial, I’ve performed all these operations in SQL: To perform operations listed above, I’ll use the data listed below (Employee)\: In excel, we can view all the records directly. View only ECODE and Gender data of Employee table Select ECODE, Gender from Employee Organizing information becomes important when you have more data. You can quickly organize an excel worksheet by sorting your data in ascending or descending order.