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University of nottingham speed dating

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A: As of our first term, we are approaching 300 dating members (and rising) looking to be matched.The gender split is roughly 60/40, and every kind of person is in that mix; from cheerleaders to quiz team members to stage performers and so on.

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We can help anyone find a partner by knowing their gender and the gender(s) they are seeking a relationship with.Ideally, you'd have an entire team of devoted individuals helping you with that search. Put simply, we bring together people who'd really get along but would otherwise never have an excuse to meet in the first place.Allow us to introduce you to your person at Nottingham University!A: Of course, here are some feedback quotes from our members who have experienced our service so far: "I don't think you could have made a better match" "In my eyes there is nothing which could be improved... A fantastic experience, I wouldn't expect something like this at university" "I can honestly say some real thought went into it and I am really impressed with how much I feel I was compatible with my date...I'm so glad I joined and you guys are doing some great work" "The matchmaking society put a lot of effort into finding your match, they are friendly and welcoming and it’s a really good way of meeting new people – even just new friends!" "It’s a really good experience, the service that the matchmaking guys provide is great and it gives you a chance to meet someone that you’re probably very compatible with." "Matchmaking Society brings people who are impossible to know each other if they didn’t join. " "Just pleased I no longer have to consider tinder and clubs as the only way of meeting someone – with the society it is far more effective, and far better tailored than any chance encounter may ever be." "Matchmaking Society is a fantastic idea, and I’m very surprised that more universities don’t have something similar.

I suspect a trend may be set..." Q: Can all sexual orientations use the Society?

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A: Firstly, all members going on dates are Nottingham University Students; you can’t be catfished and lured into a trap.

Secondly, all first-meetings occur in public settings with members of the Matchmaking Society committee nearby.

3) Our committee use their form to see if they’re romantically compatible with somebody else in the Society.