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You should note the time difference when giving a gift. In the "Remark" you can fill in delivery requirements, such as the date of arrival, other addresses, messages and so on. If the recipients do not provide addresses and telephone numbers, we need some time to contact the recipient.

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2.5 Forget password Go to the home page, click Log in, click Forgot Password Connection, go to the Forgot Password page, enter the email and click the Submit button.Follow the prompts to modify the new password and click Submit. Encounter 3.1 Encounter page Enter the Ga Ga Hi encounter page and recommended friends are showing on the right.If the user is a male, female friends are preferred first.If someone has published violation information, you can click this button to report it to Ga Ga Hi.Click on a feed and a details window will pop up, where you can also like, comment, translate, comment each other and report. Here is a dynamic list posted by people who have become your friends.Below every feed there is a like, comment and translation button (the translation button only appears when the content contains text, and can only not be translated when only images are available), users can like or comment on a feed.

Like it, and this one will add one more like, same thing applies to comment. ” in the upper left corner is a quick entrance to a feed, users can quickly post their own dynamic information here.

If the user is a female, male friends are preferred.

You can swipe the mouse or drag the scroll bar to the right to see more information.

4.3 Recommendation Click on Feeds to switch to the Recommendation page.

Feeds of users with higher activity, more likes or more comments are posted here.

Click anywhere and you will be returned to the registration page, prompting you to register first.