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Tips on dating a guy

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Regardless of our bodies, in our heads we've never been female. Everyone likes different things in the bedroom, regardless of being trans or not. Obviously I don't mean you need to shout it from the rooftops...

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When kids are involved, you've got to make sure that visitations are happening and that you aren't interfering.A man with kids is absolutely going to choose the kids over you.This is something that you are going to have to deal with and something that you are going to have to accept. But ladies, if you're attracted to men, fancying a trans guy doesn't suddenly change your sexuality. Sometimes that's enough for a trans man to feel comfortable and surgery isn't necessary.5. Someone could be in the process of waiting to get on testosterone, or have their own reasons not to be on it. It's understandable to feel nervous before your first time with a trans guy... I'm always camping it up and am not afraid to be feminine! being with a trans guy is really just like being with any guy. If only I understood women as much as people may think I do! but we want someone who supports our transition, not someone who is embarrassed of it.8. Going through the wrong puberty would give anyone certain body hangups. It's good to be open and honest with one another about what triggers them.9. Most people know about the phalloplasty - where a skin graft is used to create a penis. Remember girls, stability is the key in any relationship that involves kids.

You never, ever want to meet the kids unless you are serious with the guy. Why would you ever want to disturb the guy's relationship with his kids by meeting them, if you aren't serious?

Make sure that things are moving in the right direction before meeting his kids!

Girls, this is the biggest problems that a lot of women have when they are dating a man with kids: competing for attention.

Instead, just make sure that you are pacing exactly how involved you are in the actual parenting.

These are all of my tips for dating a man with kids, have you ever done it? I don't know if it's right for me, but if I found the right person?

Just play it cool and calm, that way they will come to you and draw your personality out of you.