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As an Englishman who follows La Liga who loves Spanish football it hurts to see a British coach fail and be sacked by a La Liga club it really does and this for me has to be a wake up call for British football.

His comments after the Basque Derby which ended in a 0-0 draw when he said 'It was like a British Derby' that didn't go down too well in the local press or with the La Real supporters either let me tell you.I've mentioned British football alot and why I fell out of love with it and now utterly utterly despise the club game in British football, I'll always love and support my national side England but the British football game at CLUB LEVEL is something I utterly despise.It brainwashes people into thinking it's any good compared to other European leagues, it treats fans like customers in a shop who are buying a product, its pricing stinks and the overall hype around it is ridiculous.Whether Sevilla continue like they have so far this season all season remains to be seen but if they had actually turned up against City in their Champions League matchday 4 fixture at the Pizjuan they'd have comfortably beaten the English side who are an average European outfit who looked tourists at the Camp Nou last season.But Sevilla are inconsistent this season so far and against Los Blancos just days after being knocked out of the Champions League by a side who they are better than they show us glimpses by producing a superb performance to end Los Blancos's unbeaten record this season by recording a 3-1 home success.Sevilla are six points off the top four and three points behind Los Che so despite a poor start this season they aren't too far behind now and that shows you how massive and how important the win over Los Blancos was.

Sevilla last season away from home were naive and struggled to keep a clean sheet, they'd always give their opponents a chance defensively and this season they've failed to win away from home in any competition including La Liga of course.

Moyes wasn't liked by man of the fans or the players who were fed up of his red faced finger pointing to them in training because that's the only way he could communicate with them as he didn't speak any Spanish or Basque and the players in end became fed up of those finger pointing actions in training sessions.

He lost the support of the players and many of those players had stopped playing for him and you could see that in the defeat to Las Palmas last time out and in other games this season too, many of the players also didn't believe in his ideas or his tactics.

Moyes met with Apperibay and the club board face to face and his assistant Billy Mckinlay and himself were no longer part of the club, it's devastating for Moyes and this will hurt him, I wish well for the future but it's the right decision from the club.

La Real's new coach will be former Barca B coach Eusebio Sacristan who will take over until the end of this season and has previously managed Barca B, Celta and Valladolid and as a player earnt 15 Caps with La Roja and played for a number of La Liga clubs including Barca, Celta and Atleti.

It took Sevilla almost 30 minutes to turn up against Los Blancos though and they should have been out of the game but they weren't, as Emery said in his pre-match press conference ahead of the game 'We've still not seen a good Sevilla for 90 minutes' he's right and even after that success over Los Blancos we're still yet to see a good Sevilla play for the full 90 minutes yet.