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The sims 2 dating

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The rewards for outings are as varied as with dates.One of the most powerful ones is being introduced by your buddies to other sims at higher relationships than just meeting people on the street.

If you do exceptionally well do you get a bonus in the relationship?A lot of the moves are on the dance floor and in the booths, and even in the cars. How does the new date score improve the dating system?Aren't you simply just doing the things you were doing before, like giving lots of hugs and kisses to work your way up to a romantic crush or more?Or create young adult sims with the pleasure aspiration?Will Nightlife affect University's gameplay in any way? Players will absolutely find new strategies for getting through the school years utilizing the new features and objects introduced in Nightlife. They can go downtown and check out the clubs and restaurants.As it is right now, it's not too hard to get sims to go from complete strangers to engaged in just a day or two of game time.

Will you stretch this out a bit in Nightlife to make the courting ritual more of a challenge?

TL: This isn't really a big feature of Nightlife, as you aren't managing the day-to-day stuff differently, you're focused on a great time out.

GS: If you have both the University expansion and Nightlife, will you be able to have nightlife-style clubs in college towns?

For example, if your sim goes out and has a great time with someone in his or her profession, the sim might just get a call about a few strings that have been pulled to get them a quick promotion. Of course there are some great failures, but those are way more fun to find when you're playing. Does the group disband, or are there petty arguments?

GS: Then there's the outing score, which measures how well things are going when your sim and his or her friends are out on the town. And how are you rewarded if the outing score goes through the roof?

TL: There are some bar moves like ordering drinks, but not like Hot Date. So whether it's a date, a boys' or girls' night out, or an evening of family fun with the kids, there are a lot of really fun things to do and experience.