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Your Marine will want to make sure that the Corps is perceived the best way possible, and their actions will reflect that.

And one thing that amazed me was how many women on tour told me that they want to get a guy to call more. This is to my mind one of the biggest problems we face in dating.Folks in every branch of the military use a 24-hour clock, with midnight starting the new day at 0000. That means they will get you at 3pm (1500 – 1200 = ).The daytime hours go from 0100 all the way to 1200, which is noon. It would behoove you to learn the Marine lingo as quickly as possible — you will save yourself (and your Marine) some aggravation and headaches.One of the most difficult things civilians who have no exposure to the military is understanding military time.Some people are quite specific and want to only date a marine officer.

Before you go and find a local bar by the harbor and wait for a man in uniform to come on in, here are some essential things you need to know while dating a marine.

For most couples, PDA (public displays of affection) is a common practice and is expected.

Unfortunately, while your Marine is in uniform, they have a very strict code of conduct which prevents them from participating in PDA.

What you may not realize is that there isn’t much notice, so when they get the call, they have to go.

Plus, while they are deployed, communication is not always guaranteed.

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