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He says his team is working on preparing a bigger batch of episodes beyond these first four with the goal of adding to the network’s regular lineup later this year.Rather than wait until all the episodes were ready, “We really wanted to get something out as soon as possible,” he says, citing intense lobbying from Buzzr viewers via the network’s social media channels.

Also Read: ' Wife Swap' Revival Moves From CMT to Paramount Network Ahead of Premiere As evidenced by this order and other recent moves, CMT is really leaning into the whole Nashville, Tennessee scene.Sometimes a star would come up with no answer; when that happened, the host would ask the contestant to answer it himself/herself or pass it up.On a pass, the question would be thrown out, and a new question would be asked to the same celebrity.X), while the Os were almost always by the female contestant (Miss Circle).Here's how they do it: The two contestants in taking turns picking off each of the nine celebrities seated in a great big tic-tac-toe board.The first player to get three-in-a-row or five squares won the game and money for that game.

In certain games, one of the squares would be dubbed the "Secret Square".

That's three Xs or Os in three stars' squares (one for each square), either across, up & down or diagonally; or be the first contestant to capture five of the nine squares.

The Xs were almost always by the male contestant (dubbed Mr.

Keith Cox, president of development of Paramount Network and (Viacom’s) TV Land, who developed “Wife Swap” for CMT, pushed to keep it with him at Paramount Network after CMT moved out of their network group, an insider said.

The series will debut on the Paramount Network Thursday, April 4.

The Viacom-owned cable channel is doubling down on music, and fans of that strategy can expect more content — including tentpole series — to be announced in the coming weeks.