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The art of war for dating

Once you forgive each other, leave all the words, emotions, and tears to the past because they’re no longer needed; you’re moving onto a happier future.

This doesn’t make either one of you wrong or right.This isn’t to say that you can’t express how you feel.You absolutely can and should, but there’s a way to do it so that you’re expressing emotion and not attacking. While you should always respect each other’s feelings, you should never use emotions as a way to manipulate the other person to win a fight.Fight clean It isn’t always easy to be the referee of a fight, but sometimes you’ll have to play the part because you respect the relationship.Monitor your language to ensure that name-calling, foul language, accusations, and personal attacks stay out of the argument.The Art of War by Sun Tzu is widely regarded by many as not only a “bible” for the battlefield, but also a great source of lessons for life in general.

Life in itself is a constant struggle to, if not stay on top, at least make it through daily challenges, while making the most out of our resources.

If your partner begins fighting dirty, calmly tell her that she’s crossing boundaries that aren’t okay to cross.

You want to get through a disagreement and come out on the other side stronger (and wiser) than before, not resentful.

A fight isn’t the end of the world, but it does have strong effects on your relationship, so try to get through it together because that old adage is wrong.

Stick to these simple rules and you’ll survive your first big fight: Save it for when you can talk in person Choose to make it a point to never fight over social media, over a text message, or on a phone call.

If a disagreement is so important that it’s disturbing you or your partner emotionally, then it needs to be discussed in person, face-to-face, so that there can’t be any miscommunication with strange texts or confusion emojis.